Don’t Do It — We Love You, My Heart

Many thanks to Ron Slate for including my poem, “Don’t Do It — We Love You, My Heart” in On the Sea Wall. The poem is the tentative title poem of a new poetry collection I am drafting.

The Prosperity Gospels

Many thanks to Autofocus for including my poem, “The Prosperity Gospels,” online in their current issue. Definitely check out their site – lots of great work. My poem is here.

Porter Fleming Award in Poetry

I very much appreciated hearing recently from the Morris Museum of Art that Alan Shapiro selected my poem, “Leonardo’s Mistake,” for the museum’s Porter Fleming Award in Poetry this year.

Washington, DC

Glad to have my essay, “Washington, DC, March 2017,” up at Narrative. Many thanks to the editors!

Among Schoolchildren

Many thanks to Lisa Roney at The Florida Review for running my essay, “Among Schoolchildren,” in Aquifer, the journal’s online companion.